We have made an observation from all the trips we’ve taken around the sun. It is the simple fact that so much of our lives are characterized by a tension. A tension between right and wrong, love and war, bravery and cowardice, genius and stupidity, generosity and greed. Now, the temptation for us as humans is to step on one side or the other without attempting to face what lies in between. To this, we’ve asked the most powerful question in the universe. Why? If there is beauty in the middle ground of understanding, why miss out? After all, the most strength comes from difficulty. In between the mess is the cocoon of life — where we face the hardest aspects of life and develop our strength. Jake is a counseling student, friend, writer, and a lover of all things beautiful. Max is a business minded, Jesus loving learner with a passion for the eternal. We are seekers of truth, love, and the restoration of the human heart, and we believe these things only come by entering into the paradox of pain and beauty in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.  Jake and I will combine our blog to Inbetweenthemess.com and attempt to shift the paradigm of the world and seek the middle ground. We will release two blogs a week and be updating frequently. Here’s to the journey!
– Jake Johnson and Max Yelken